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1) We have generated only 5 calls in 5 months in gold total profit 3500 points. Crude Oil 3 calls in 5 months total profit 1700 points, lead 5 months 3 calls total profit 25 points, silver 5 months 4 calls total profit 8000 points.

2) There are mainly two phases in any market, one is consolidation & other is trending. Market or any commodity spend 70 - 80 % time in consolidation & only 20 - 30% time in main trend. Real money, Big Money is in this trending phase.

We trade only in trending phase.

3) Wealth is created by big profits only.

4) Very limited but very accurate calls so that any person can trade and relax and still earn big profits.

5) We enter in any trade only and only when there is highest probability of big movement so that to make big profits.

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